ScriptDev is a powerful script IDE for Python, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, Perl

ScriptDev base package is a free IDE for Python, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, Perl, etc.

ScriptDev is developed by a powerful scripting language integrated development environment(IDE), can be used for Python, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, Perl, etc. scripting language, such as the development and debugging.

ScriptDev similar to the components of the Eclipse framework to support the expansion of rich, Users can also follow their own ScriptDev the development of standardized components to various types of plug-ins to enhance the functions of platform.

ScriptDev base package is a free IDE for Python, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, Perl, etc. Only debug, compile, build and other advanced features need to purchase.

ScriptDev Key Features

Advanced Debugger

Support debug python, ruby, lua, tcl, perl script
Support debug into library script file
Setp debug, breakpoint debug
Watch variables, objects, functions and stack
Console operate when debug

Code Intelligence

Code completion
Code folding, show line number, lines of code hidden...
Supports ANSI, UTF-8 and other encoding formats
Html, etc. support syntax highlighting matching tags
Words and keywords auto-complete, some language support function parameter input prompts
Support for the mouse on a word or a variable time shows the corresponding tooltip message
Code Snippets
Find and Replace operations
Editor zoom in and out
Bookmark function
Export to Html and RTF format, support copy as RTF format

Keyword help and imporved script document

Support search keyword by F1 key
Extendible help index database
Documents at large
Script developer network

Integrated commonly script package

Tcl:object, xml, database, Tk, windows api, video...
Python:Tk, wxPython, Pygame, Pmw, Numeric...
Ruby:Tk, wxRuby, database, test...
Perl:Tk, database, Win32...
Lua:base, wxLua...

Scalable architecture, support plugins

Plugin architecture
Extend component, UI, interpreter, tool with plugin
Extend project plugin
Support skin, page template

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ScriptDev special offer at 2010-05-07
ScriptDev V2.3 released at 2009-09-10
ScriptDev V2.0.2 released at 2008-06-25
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