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Postby scriptdev » Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:50 pm

ScriptDev tool is in subdirectories of tools directory, each folder is a tool, there is a configuration file tool.xml.
Tools such as configuration file samples:
Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?blueui version="2.0"?>
   id="org.tool.ftpclient"    -- tool ID
   name="Ftp Client Tool"   -- tool name
   version="1.0.0"             -- tool version
      FtpClient is a tool of ftp operate.
      Copyright, 2000-2010.  All rights reserved.
      <about label="about page" url="html/about.htm"/>
      <update label="FtpClient update site" url=""/>
      <category></category>  -- (not support now)
   <showmenu>true</showmenu>  -- wether display in tools menu
   <showtask>true</showtask>   -- wether display in taskbar(task bar is not support now)
   <showtoolbar>false</showtoolbar>  -- wether display icon in toolbar
   <showstatusbar>true</showstatusbar>  -- wether display icon in statusbar
   <statusbar>  -- status bar information
      <pane id="500" width="16" text="" tooltip="Ftp client tool" icon="ftp.ico" />
   <runtime>  -- run infomation
   <vci>org.interp.tcl</vci>  -- plugin id of execute tool
   <instancename>FtpCli</instancename>  -- plugin object instance name
   <file>ftpcli.tcl</file>  -- script file name
      <import plugin="org.blueui.core.runtime"/>

There are several types of tools:
1, interp: script type, direct execute script.
2, html: HTML page type, such as: the FTP client page script.
3, owm: owm type, open a file with the owm plugin, for example, terminal tool is a tool to open a terminal owm window.
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