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ScriptDev is not just a scripting language IDE, is a common platform for the development and operation, the overall design of a reference Eclipse framework. The entire platform of the components of developed mode, the core platform is relatively small,most functions provided by various types of components, there are three kinds of components, which are not VCI components of the interface, the interface OWM components and script interpreter components.


VCI Components

VCI is a component of the ScriptDev no interface components, such components relatively similar to COM components, but no complicated registration process, each component will external exposure an interface, create a new component Instance would be an interface to access the guide, through the interface guide can call the function of internal components.VCI components are placed on each platform plugins directory in a separate directory, the directory name is generally org.vci.name, such as SMTP component of the directory called org.vci.smtp, Each component in the directory will have one or two components profile and the implementation of dynamic libraries, configuration files distinction in both English and Chinese, English name for plugin.xml, the Chinese name for plugin_cn.xml, if the platform is set to Chinese language And no Chinese profile, the direct use of the English profile.Another component directory is also available there may be an interface header files, to make this call for the external components of the features that make use of, ScriptDev platform is a unique technology through the script can call VCI components of the interface function, this feature At present only in Tcl interpreter in support of follow-up will gradually increase to other interpreter, the VCI Home management components is to use this feature to direct the execution of arbitrary components function.

Components of the configuration files for xml form, a component of the store, version, manufacturers, the implementation of the interface head files and other information.


OWM Components

OWM component is an interface components, each component will generally provide one or more windows, can be a platform in the form of the document window,it can also be a window to call in the form of, most of the platform interface is provided by a number of components OWM,for example, Editor components, the control panel components, the navigation tree components, the browser components, UML components, Tk window components.Each component is Can some of the features of the platform to expand, for example, can add a menu item, you can increase the state line, can increase property pages. The Tk widget can also Tk script interface platform for further expansion, each window is actually a Tk Special script, after running the platform will create a window and this window of a Tk interface,music player tools Is to use embedded Tk window to realize.

OWM components actually a kind of special VCI components to meet the basic components of the VCI norms, and on this basis, a number of expansion, OWM components also on the plugins directory, the directory name for org.owm.name , And other configuration files and so on the same components and VCI, but configuration file can be configured to increase the number of items, such as calling at the window, menu information.


Script Interpreter Components

Interpreter components is a special package for the script to Interpreter features of the components, each of the scripting language interpreter has a separate Directory, in the platform interps directory, explained components is also a special VCI components, the VCI components on the basis of a number of expansion Function. Interpreter components of a standard interface definitions and framework components, according to this framework to achieve the complete Interpreter could have run, Debugging, compiler, generating an executable file, help, and other functions, can only achieve a part of functions.


Expansion Tools

Expansion of tools in the platform of the tools directory, which is a subdirectory for each tools, tools have been prepared with their feet, it can also be a A OWM components. Each tool has one or two profiles, and the name of tool.xml tool_cn.xml. Tools on the menu can, The status bar, such as expansion, such as FTP tools, console tools, tools music player in the expansion of a status bar icon, Click the icon can be activated tools, tools, usually in the platform under the Tools menu to expand a menu item, from the Tools menu To activate the tool.