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ScriptDev editor provides a powerful Tcl / Python extension orders, the use of these orders can be extended to operate through Tcl script editor, for example, open the file, set / access breakpoint, find, edit, and other firms.In order to facilitate the use, the editor of the operation of a package ITcl class, you can call this package to these features.Click here to open Editor expansion tcl demo.

Editor user interface package class in the Lib/Plat/editor.tcl defined in the document, the bottom is called the editor extension provided by some external standard interface.


Editor Packaging class

Below are the editor of the package for the definition of class:

::itcl::class  TEditor {
	constructor { {fname ""} } {};
	destructor {};
	### data member ###
	private variable _filename;		#filename
	private variable _owm_id;		#Template ID
	### public methods ###
	public method  Open { {fname ""} };	#open file
	public method  Attach { {no -1} };	#The establishment of related documents
	public method  GetOpenCount {};		#Open get to the number of documents
	public method  GetOpenFile { no };	#Open get to the file name
	public method  SetReadOnly { {bReadOnly 1} };#Read-only attribute set
	public method  SetCurrentLine { lineno };#Set up the current line
	public method  SetCurrentExecLine { lineno };#Set up the implementation of the current line
	public method  SearchLine { line };	#Find a row and is set to the current line
	public method  GetBreakList {};		#Get breakpoint list
	public method  AddBreakList { lsbreak };#Increase the breakpoint list
	public method  ClearBreakList {};	#Clear breakpoint list
	public method  GetLineCount {};		#Get to the number of lines
	public method  GetLine { lineno };	#Get line
	public method  SetLine { lineno text };	#Set line
	public method  GetSelectLine { startline endline };#Get to the current selection of the line