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ScriptDev provide a number of ways to expand HTML pages, is to expand the links in HTML, usually a link in HTML (URL) is http links and email, etc., has been added to the ScriptDev pfe / tcl / python / ruby / lua links to the agreement, in writing through the pages This expansion of the hyperlink, you can achieve all kinds of dynamic web pages or applications.


PFE link

pfe link ScriptDev development environment for the operation of some of the things the basis of comparison, only three sub-commands:


Script link

ScriptDev provides a powerful embedded in the pages of the script link method, the embedded URL syntax is as follows:

By ? ? surrounded part of that is optional, for example, tcl:<<Interp1>><file>index.tcl. Several parts of the meaning of the following:
<<InterpName>> : Interpreter of name
interp : To explain the type of system installed in the interpreter can use, such as Tcl interpreter used tcl said, Python interpreter that used python
<tk> : That the use of the opening of Tk support, if the link to the corresponding script uses the Tk, it must be added this tag
[InterpID] : denotation Interpreter that the ID
<form> : Whether they are from one page to the URL
<file> : Behind that part of it is a script file, if not specified, the default will be considered to be the script orders, the paper path can have some special combination of replacement, PLAT:// directory for that platform, for example, PLAT://\tools ScriptDev said that the installation directory of tools subdirectory