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After Build the scripts will become an independent exe files, which can be Separate from the script development environment to run script.

ScriptDev support of the majority of language  building  functions. Following  is the Tcl  Build configuration page. Construction is to open the script, debug menu, select the menu Build , and then the file will automatically become executable. The  Excutable file  and source files in the same directory.

Options "add  all files of  source directory " means that  will be  add all the files and sub-directories to the excutable file , if the source code directory contend some needed  documents,(such as the need to Use of the image file), it is necessary to choose this option, so that these documents can be automatically added to it.

Options "add  all files of lib dir  in source directory " means that The Lib directory of all files and directories are added to the internal  Lib directory, because the Lib directory is Tcl Extension directory, if the source code directory of the need for the expansion pack into a single Lib directory, through this Means you can no longer need to add artificial choice of the expansion package.

Options "forced Build  by Tk " meaning that default is  Tk script, Because  Tk script to generate an executable file needs to be some special treatment, usually based on the script of some information to automatically To make a judgement and handling, if the script did not use the information to Tk, and the script is a Tk script, it is necessary to Use this option to become mandatory to Tk executable.