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Script compile is to Compile the source code transfer to paticular byte code format. Most of the script can build support for byte code files,. compiled the general usefulness of two:   one is to improve the speed of execution, because Scripts in general are really running for the first compiled byte code, and then in memory of the implementation, if pre-compiled, In the run-time will not need to compile, can improve the speed and  another script is useful for encryption, the source code to avoid leakage, For commercial software, encryption is necessary to prevent the leakage of the source code, so if a script had no effective Encryption and the prevention of anti-compiler means, it is difficult to real applications, of course, after the compiler of the script still has to build an anti - , But many cases, anti-byte code may have been difficult to compile after reading and understanding, so even if the compiler also be anti - Do not have much impact.

ScriptDev support of the majority language compiler can support functions under the plan is Tcl compiler option configuration page. Compiled by opening the script, compiled debug menu, select the menu, this file will automatically compile documents for the byte code. After compiling the documents and source files in the same directory, only different suffix, such as Tcl scripts compiled the document after the suffix for tbc. If we do not choose "automatically set the output file" option, it will pop up a dialog compiled by the user to enter the file name And storage areas. Options "in documents generated head add the prefix" mean, after compiling a document for the front part of reservations Notes document information that comes from the first meeting of source notes, as long as the source head Notes, will be retained.