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Environment of the script debugging development

Script editing and debugging environment as shown below:

If the choice is non-debug mode run the script, the process of runing is not to debug,  and also can not stop the excutation of the script, only can wait the  end of the script running. If access to debug mode, is divided into breakpoints and single-step , in a single step can be set up breakpoint any time , and aslo can set up  a breakpoint after the single-step , a word  debugging is very flexible, and basically operate the same way as the VC. On the editor please refer to the detailed usageEditor directions.

Debugging process will create a script interpreter object, and the interpreter contained  named and non-named. Interp_Script is the default interpreter in the debugging process, in the editor can change the settings.

If the editor and console 's interpreter were set to the same, in the console Can operate directly under the interpretation of debugging, such as Tcl mode, enter the info globals orders can list all the global variables,  or change the value of the variable on the console , can be reflected in the commissioning of the interpreter is, thus achieving a more powerful interactive debugging.

During the debugging process  can see the current window of variable information, object information, function information and stacks of information.

ScriptDev editor with strong editorial support and help check function, through Ctrl + Enter shortcuts Show and insert a list of keywords, mouse over the number of keywords can see the simple keywords to help message, F1 key to see the current cursor location of the word help in detail, if the current word may exist a number of help pages, There will be an option dialog, the user can choose which help pages. Editor can also support multiple lines of the script Notes And the abolition of the Notes function, auto-complete feature (only some of the commonly used phrase, for example, if then enter a space, will be automatically Will be filled if statements), language template functions (such as through the wizard to add a function head).

Debugging process can be in the debug window to view the current variable information, object information, the function of information and stack information. The mouse to move to a variable, can have variable information see the tooltip prompts.