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ScriptDev is a powerful script language IDE, it can support some very popular script language, for example, Python, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, Perl and so on.

Tcl (Tool Command Language) is a command line similar to the language, in many areas have Wide range of applications, particularly the field of EDA and testing areas, such as Cisco, Lucent and other companies in a wide range of applications Tcl as a tool for automatic test, because the Tcl can facilitate the procedures Glue together, the partial revision also do not have to build, test sequences through the written script, can facilitate the completion of various tests. SmartBits such as Network Analyzer on the use Tcl developed a complex protocol analysis software.

Python language is a powerful scripting language, is a fully object-oriented Language, Python kernel very advanced, using it to the preparation process is very simple, as long as a novice to spend one day look at the grammar, you can start The preparation of Python code, Python used a pre-compiler technology, so that the explanatory language very quickly, so that the phrase alignment Python Born on the code looks very neat and easy to understand. Python language, uses a very broad, including the client-side software development, interface development, WEB development, etc., Python has a large number of software library can be used in the programming language within the top ten rankings, Google's cloud computing software architecture Python assumed an important role in, Google is to use Python a lot of applications developed in the WEB development framework. Python's Diango is also a popular development framework for WEB.

Ruby is a powerful object-oriented scripting language, it allows you to quickly and easily To object-oriented programming. Ruby so that text-processing and system management simple, and Perl is very similar. Sentence: simple and clear, strong expansion, the transplantation of good. Ruby Several features are: a simple syntax, garbage collection, portability, dynamic load, the regular expression support. Ruby language is most known for is its WEB development framework Rails, in the RoR came to the other languages have also borrowed many of its benefits, introduced a similar WEB frameworks such as PHP, Java and other languages.

Perl scripting language is a kind of old, the first to be used in UNIX systems management and WEB development, as well as CGI mode. Perl is the inventor of a linguist, Perl syntax of features is to mimic the characteristics of natural language, Perl can be said that is closest to natural language as a scripting language, its syntax is very flexible, usually to do a number of things can be written, Perl's goal is to try not to limit people's realization of ideas, generally a Perl programmer do not have a read of how syntax can also probably guess the meaning of a program. even a lot of people use Perl to write poetry, these poems appear to be directly in Perl programs are run under, and fully demonstrated the close Perl and natural language. Perl's Another feature is its powerful regular expression engine, Perl's regular expressions in all scripting languages can be said to be the most powerful, and the combination and the language itself is very close, and as such, Perl for text processing The application area is also very extensive, and even the names of Perl is resulting.

Lua is a compact scripting language. The language is designed to embedded applications, So as to provide a flexible application of the expansion and customization features. Lua in the game now is widely used, many game engines have adopted this script. Lua is currently the fastest scripting language. Lua engine is very small, its core engine, C-language code that only about 4000 lines, but the Lua's speed can be said of all the fastest scripting language, and Lua in the present, most of the hardware platform compilation, including many embedded platform. now Lua extension library are also very large, so the function can be said that Lua is also very strong, not only can be used in the embedded game engine, but also can be used for client-side interface development (wxLua), as well as the WEB development, etc. .

ScriptDev similar to the components of the Eclipse framework to support the expansion of rich, Users can also follow their own ScriptDev the development of standardized components to various types of plug-ins to enhance the functions of platform.

Main features:

  • Edit, debug, run tcl, python, ruby, perl, lua scripts;
  • Script compiler / encryption and generate an executable file (the script for each different level of support);
  • Analysis of efficiency function as (the script for each different level of support);
  • Keyword help, through the F1 key or move the mouse to the keyword, access to detailed information to help;
  • Collected more script extension, to help document and presentation process, in addition to the commonly used tk, wx, pmw, there are images, multimedia, the interface, and many other variety of extensions;
  • With the ftp client, code statistics, regular expressions, such as expansion of tools;
  • A flexible, scalable architecture, the entire system can be flexible interpretation of the expansion of various components, interface components, tools, interface style;
  • Console support functions (currently only tcl console, telnet console, serial console available);
  • Packaging TclFace pages expansion of the package, can be the object-oriented tcl script development platform available in this script pages;
  • Interface support for skin, support Office2007, Visual Studio 2005, and other interface style.

Published versions of history:

  • November 16, 2003, released version 1.0
  • June 25, 2008, released version
  • Sep 10, 2009, released version, Show update note

Version and the license:

ScriptDev divided into several versions, each version of comparison as follows:
Version type Charges Characteristics
ScriptDev platform Free The basis of operating platforms, with all kinds of script editors
ScriptDev Tcl Dev Kit By user fees, include one year upgrading services Tcl script can be used for the development and debug
ScriptDev Python Dev Kit By user fees, include one year upgrading services Python script can be used for the development and debug
ScriptDev Ruby Dev Kit By user fees, include one year upgrading services Ruby script can be used for the development and debug
ScriptDev Perl Dev Kit By user fees, include one year upgrading services Perl script can be used for the development and debug
ScriptDev Lua Dev Kit By user fees, include one year upgrading services Lua script can be used for the development and debug
ScriptDev NSIS Dev Kit Free NSIS script can be used for the development

ScriptDev end user agreement

The future characteristics:

  • Visualization of script development, increase the interface design, similar to Delphi and VS.NET (wx can support Tk scripts and visual)
  • WEB page design enhance the ability to achieve visual page design, and can support the common Python, Ruby framework of the WEB
  • Fully realized virtual components interface (VCI) norms and the relevant supporting development, testing tools (currently has achieved the basic framework)
  • Perl improve the support provided Perl console and Perl script debugging, support the passage of CPAN to download new modules
  • Support WEB development(includeing debug) for Django, GAE, Rails, etc.
  • PHP script support the development, debugging and PHP application site management and publishing tools integration
  • UML modeling and support of the whole process of software development management (demand management, BUG management, etc.)


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Welcome proposals for the improvement of software and BUG feedback (available by sending feedback to the function of feedback), we will continue to improve and strive to provide users with better scripting language development tools and support.

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