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Installation of platform

ScriptDev from V2.0.2 version will be platform for the development and interpretation of separation packages, the platform ScriptDev refers to the operation of the necessary infrastructure installation package, each scripting language is a separate script development kits, must install the platform, but After the platform on the basis of the installation scripting language development kits, can constitute a complete scripting language development environment.

The platform installation method is to find ScriptDev based installer, run the installation file, follow the prompts to go step by step can be, as follows:

Installation process can choose to install path, but the proposal to install a set in the root directory of ScriptDev directory, because if the installation directory without spaces, may lead to some script debugging features such as failure.


Installation script development kits

After the installation of platform, if not install any script development kits, and Home will be prompted to register to download and install the script development kits address, you can download the need to use the script development kits for installation, the following is the installation of the Python development kits installed Interface:

ScriptDev script development kit is the definition of a platform installation package, which is to install the corresponding development kits to install ScriptDev content on the platform, installed by the development of this package will not appear in the Windows system has been installed Software, but in the script interpreter ScriptDev management interface. ScriptDev platform in the Home and interpretation manager pages can see that all the currently installed scripting language.


Install the plug-in

ScriptDev definition of a plug-in format, many of the functions can be expanded through plug-in the form, plug-in from ScriptDev access to the site, for example, the embedded music player as a plug-in tools that provide the .


Uninstall software

ScriptDev platform may be installed on a lot of script development kits and plug-ins, unloading time can offload the entire process can also uninstall the script development of a single package or plug-in, the implementation of ScriptDev the unloading time, there will be below the unloading interface:

The default is to uninstall the whole process, you can also choose to uninstall components, and then choose to uninstall the unloading of components.


Buy and Register

ScriptDev base package is free, but most scripting language development kits is need purchase. You can also download the development package and trial first 30 days, if satisfied, can be purchased through scriptdevelop.com web site.

After the purchase, we will send you a "License Code". You will need to import "License Code". Before you import, please ensure that you have to download and install on the purchase of the development package. Through the menu "Help\Register..." can import "License Code", Register pages on the first part of the installation will show all the development kits and development kits for each purchase of the current state, enter the "License Code", and click on "Import" Button, you can import and update the purchase state information. If you purchased some development kit, you can upgrade it before deadline. as shown below:

The user version of the software installed, the user can choose registered or not registered, whether or not registration, the functions of the software are not affected. Registration is to enable us to understand that the use of software and applications, the benefits of registration if this is a software upgrade, we will be notified by email to registered users. In the first operation of the software, users will be prompted to enter registration information to register, as shown below, after the success of the registration will not be prompted to register, or choose "no longer prompt registration" and withdraw, after will not prompt registration.



Can help menu under the "send feedback" feature blue ants studio feedback to the software or the BUG new demands or proposals, blue ants studio will promptly solve the problem of user feedback, as far as possible to meet the needs of users, the interface is as follows feedback .