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Home is ScriptDev development environment running Fun Days after the pages, play a major role in the navigation function, as follows:

Through the pages of links to pages into the various management, help pages and presentation process, you can open the recent use of the works.


Page style

The start page and other pages can be adjusted embedded WEB page style, set up through the system interface style settings page, you can choose different page separation.

The default page style name is blue fantasy, the effect of other commonly used styles are as follows:

Maxthon style

Green style

page style files stored in the Template\Html directory, this directory of each subdirectory corresponds to a page style, users can also expand their style of file, the file description of a specific style, please refer to relevant chapters.



Home of the Toolbar and the IE browser's similar, but search and directory, the history of three Button is devoted to the expansion of functions, each corresponding button for a Tcl script, modify the default script can be achieved custom features, the default In the scriptLib/Plat/htmlview.tclIn the document.