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UI style

ScriptDev can support the skin interface, the interface style settings page you can choose a different interface skin, choose the skin can also change the skin file, after a different color scheme, font scheme, and whether to use the framework of the skin, font, color replacement program related to style. This page can also set the tool bar of different styles, support for Windows, Office of the variety of styles. The default skin files only include Office2007 and Le5 skins, but can be downloaded from the Internet more skin files, Windows standard skin file is supported, Msstyles skin file suffix, users can search from the Internet such a suffix of the skin documents, as long as the Skins directory on the ScriptDev can be seen in the list can also go to the scriptdevelop.com Web site to download the skin file.


Font setup

Font setting is used to set the font of some modules, ScriptDev interface components to support the font settings, common interface, all interface can modify the style of the font can be set in here.


File associate

File association set up the various interface components can be supported file types and ScriptDev program associate, the selected file extension associate, you can in Windows File Manager by clicking the appropriate suffix to open files directly ScriptDev procedures Edit.


Workspace setup

Workspace settings can be set to automatically save the last open all the documents information, the next time you start the program to restore all open documents; can set whether to automatically open the start page.

If you select the "Add programs to windows shell context menu" in Windows Explorer, right click on any file, the menu, there will be a menu item through ScriptDev open.