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Main platform

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Including some of the commonly used features, and open and refreshing the browser function, but the specific functions of the Commissioning Editor button in the tool bar window.


File tree

File trees can view the open script file structure to tree structure shows the currently open script file types, objects, functions and other information, and can support double-click a tree node editor jump to the corresponding file location.


Property window

Properties window can display the current document's properties, according to the current open a different document types, you can display the corresponding property, and may have some quick action, the above screenshot shows that the script edit the document, UML documents, images, documents the corresponding attributes.


Output window

Output window can export a certain format of the information, you can control information the colors, fonts, size, style, and so on. System output can have a number of windows, each window has a ID, which have reservations about the system platform three (running window, debugging window, the information window), ID 1, 2 and 3 respectively. In engineering can also create a number of windows, ID range is 10-49, refer to specific sections of project management. In the preparation of the software users can also create procedures to expand the output window, ID area is above 50.

Output window of the content can be saved to a file, can be saved for the two forms, is a text-only, and the other is RTF format (format information can be saved), the preservation of the right-menu approach is the preservation of the election, as follows :

There are three types of output window, in addition to the above to see the text output window, the tree also supports the list and two output window, as shown below, can be programmed to create / delete / output operations window, programming to support C + + / Tcl / Python. The corresponding output window operation API can refer to the corresponding chapters.


Debugging window

Debugging window for the script debugging process shows that variable information (global variables and local variables), Object Information (only for Itcl script), process information and stacks of information, and can list all the current to the breakpoint, to facilitate the Go to a breakpoint. The script also supports Tcl variable automatic tracking (by tracking variables change automatically refresh the window debugging information). Commissioning of the specific window Please refer to use the relevant sections of the script debugging.


System status bar

System status bar can be customized to display information and can be controlled through the script to create a status bar, can support the icon, for example, on the map shows the FTP tools in the status bar expansion of the icon buttons, as well as through the script timer in the status bar The time.