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Console Setting

Most script environmental standards are in support of the functions of the console (Tcl is wish and Python is the Pythonwin...), Console's  main function is to interaction  betweent interpreters, for example, in the console enter a script or a command, we will see the results of the implementation, Or loading a section of script in the console , the implementation of the operation console less, but its function is very powerful, it is entirely Rely on Tcl interpreter itself, because through the console that can be show with any details.

ScriptDev console function can implementation many scripts language console ,it  Can support Telnet / serial console, and  also  can be directly connected to the remote machine through the  remote control console. And also a lot of visual means to obtain the details of the interpreter so that the application more convenient, and do not have to remember all kinds of interpreters details commands.

In the system Option can be set the console type parameters, as follows:


Start Console

Click on the Tools menu on the control panel menu item to open console window.

If you want to switch console type, must first close the control panel and the system settings Laws console type, and then open Control Panel. Console on the functional areas as shown below:


Tcl Console

We can see that is very similar with Tcl's wish , basically wish all the functions here, ScriptDev console has the advantage of a lot of visualization methods of operation, such as the list of orders, order history list, the process out Table, the list of global variables, the list of local variables, classes and objects, and so on the list.

For example, the list of global variables as following:

Tcl console also supports features such as keyword automatically filled in by the cursor Ctrl + Enter the keyword list will appear as follows:

By Ctrl + F7 will appear during the following list:

By Ctrl + F8 will appear the following list of variables:

By Ctrl + F9 will list the following categories:


Python Console

Python console features and Pythonwin is very similar to the console, but also provides a Some shortcuts, such as the list of variables, and other functions, the following is a list of global variables view interface:

Python console in addition to support Tcl console similar to those keywords filled, but also support List of members of the Python object choice, entered a Python object, as long as a few points, will automatically appear the members of this object The list because of the Python Some things are more targeted, so it can bring great convenience, the members of the list is as follows:


Lua Console

Lua console commands now support the implementation of Lua, and can view the current list of global variables. Lua module also supports the function list to select, for example, want to know what are io-core library functions, as long as the console input io, and then enter a dot, it will automatically appear on a list box lists all of the library function, you can choose the same for the table types of variables can also support this option, enter the variable name and then enter a dot can be. The following figure is to check the global variable list of interface:


Ruby Console

Ruby console commands now support the implementation of Ruby, and you can view the current global variables, local variables list. Class method also supports a list of options, such as a variable would like to know what are the member functions, as long as the console input a, then enter a dot, it will automatically appear on a list box lists all the functions of this class, you can choose . The following figure is to check the global variable list of interface:


Perl Console

Perl console commands now support the implementation of Perl, and you can view the current variables list. The following figure is perl console:


Telnet Console

Often in the development process need to use Telnet and serial terminal, we generally use the windows of the Super Terminal, In ScriptDev console Telnet console also integrates the functions of such will not need to open the other procedure, Telnet console agreement on a Telnet A better system of support, and can be used in part to support the BBS ANSI color definition of the agreement, the following is connected google smtp server results:


Serial Console

Telnet and console similar to, the following is the set of parameters to open serial interface: